• How do you do?
    This is VAINER Co., Ltd.'s president, Won Gil Kim.

    My business initially intended to cobble shoes to the customer's satisfaction comes of an age in one and a half decade in spite of myself. Looking back, VAINER has endured through difficult business environments to date thanks to our executives and staff's persistent efforts and our customers' unrelenting love.

    We, VAINER Co., Ltd., opened our homepage so that you can enjoy browsing VAINER dress shoes not only through show-windows, but also in the cyberspace and will not spare any supportive and managerial effort to feed your curiosity in brick and mortar department store outlets and in online stores abreast.

    We will endeavor to be our customers' beloved and acclaimed VAINER altogether with our executives and staff.

  • 1994 - 1996

    2000 - 2006

    2007 - present

    바이네르 1994-1996 연혁
    바이네르 2000-2006 연혁
    바이네르 2007-현재 연혁